Bugle Calls

Morning Colors (Attention–To The Colors–Carry On)

Evening Colors (Attention–Retreat–Carry On)


Ceremonial Music


Adjutant's Call / French Foreign Legion March

Semper Fidelis

The National Anthem

The Marines Hymn (Slow Version)

Auld Lang Syne

Anchor's Away / The Marines' Hymn

The Marines Hymn (Three Verses)

Eternal Father, Strong To Save

Semper Fidelis (1942)

The National Anthem (1942)

The Marines Hymn (1942)

Song Of The Marines


Outer Banks Detachment Official Seal

Chesty Puller

Officer's Marine Corps Emblem

Civil War Marine Corps Emblem

Pre-1958 Marine Corps Emblem

The Title

Toys for Tots (Animated)

We Band of Brothers


History and Traditions

A Brief History of the U.S. Marine Corps

The Marines' Hymn

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Flag that Inspired Our National Anthem

The History of Flag Day

The History of Memorial Day

The History of Veteran's Day

Major General John A. Lejeune's Birthday Message

The Rifleman's Creed

Interior Guard: General Orders

Articles of Government of the United States Navy, 1930

The Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code 1943 to Present

This Date in Marine Corps History

Federal Flag Code: Public Law 94-344

Marine Corps Rank Structure 1943 to Present

Marines Trained at Manteo: VMF-511

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